Thursday, June 23, 2011

MooShu and Draco, Bearded Dragons

MooShu, Ari's guest this summer, is her teacher's Bearded Dragon and we are hosting him this summer. He and Draco below (in a separate enclosure because you do not want two males in one area) eat romaine, parsley, cilantro, mustard greens, bok choy and kale as their staples, with blueberries, bananas, mango, papaya and apples as other daily nibbles. Both get dragon crunchies, vitamin spray and powdered calcium and they lounge under uv lights and real sunlight at least half the day. They get weekly soaks in warm water and daily backrubs. Seriously spoiled little creatures. Baby dragons like to eat little crickets.

Draco sleeps under a "blankie"--a washcloth.

Baldwin City, KS Vegetable Garden

My gardens are almost too crowded. The top photo is the entrance to the larger garden that features an aggressive grape vine that has grown along the top of the fence, along the rails of the metal gate and now has latched onto the maple tree. A few feet inside the garden are some of the tomato plants with red "water walls" that I bought from Behind those are honeysuckle and various vines that grow on the dog kennels.

Cucumbers like the Baldwin weather. Every year I have enough cucumbers to make three or four cases of pickles. Here the vines grow up an old metal stand that I previously used for pole beans.

A crazily happy group of tomato plants. One of the six sections of tomatoes I grew from seed.

Baldwin City, KS Garden

My whiskey barrel started out with only sorrel, then I added kale, moss roses, impatiens and echinacea. A rabbit liked the kale so I added the bluejay to try and deter it.

This wisteria was only three feet high this time last June and now it is over fifteen feet high, with thin vines reaching up through the trellis and wrapping around anything it can get ahold of.

Part of my butterfly garden.

Hostas under the second floor porch.