Thursday, June 10, 2010

Front porch plants and swallowtails

My front porch is now surrounded by butterfly bush, dill, fennel, hollyhocks and some potted plants (obscured by the dill). Every summer butterflies and bees are attracted to the plants and swallowtails, especially, love the fennel. Last year dozens of caterpillars metamorphosed into butterflies. The viburnum above had at least 11 different insects on the blossoms this morning. The small flowers smell wonderful and the odor wafts into the open window.

Early June garden

My largest garden seems to doing very well. I had some issues with mice and moles, but I dropped moth balls around the mounds in the foreground (that will eventually sprout The Three Sisters) and stuck some whirleys I got from Dollar General that I hope scare away bunnies. The broken ladder will serve as a support for pole beans. See my gardening links for info on how to get started with a garden.

A swallow takes a break

A swallow parent with a nest under our balcony takes a break in the hot weather. I stuck an old bamboo post in the ground four years ago and swallows use it each summer.